Accessorise your life

Accessorise your life

In 1980, it all began with a few beads. A few earrings sold to a pharmacy sparked a new accessories business and Jaydee Fashions was born. Seasonal changes in design and colour constantly inspire Jaydee Fashions to create new and unusual pieces. They’re known for their innovative design, fusing different textures into the one piece. … Continue reading


Bags & Accessories Live Lookbook FASHION EXPOSED 2012

Models showcase the new season styles from Lookeast, Scala, Paula Hall Designs, and boxcarorange for the Bags & Accessories Fair Live Lookbooks during Fashion Exposed Melbourne. Bright jewellery in tropicarnival designs, street edge handbags with studs, and new-look hats and summer scarves were all key looks being highlighted for the warmer months ahead. Continue reading