Designer Liandra Gaykamangu reveals the inspiration behind her unique swimwear brand.

Liandra Swim is inspired by:

Searching for swimwear that fused my love of my Indigenous Australian culture and swimwear I realised that there was very little available. This allowed me to birth the idea of Liandra Swim during the 2017/18 summer. Liandra Swim is an exclusive swimwear brand that specialises in creating premium, designer swimwear that utilises high-quality materials. Our distinct designs and prints are inspired by Australia’s unique Indigenous culture. Liandra Swim is Indigenous owned and designed. Our swimwear line was created with the desire to allow non-Indigenous people the opportunity to connect with Aboriginal culture, through a new avenue, in fashion. As a result meshing the oldest surviving culture on the planet with quality on-trend swimwear.

It is targeted at customers who:

Love to stand out from the crowded beaches in swimwear that is fashionable and unique. In addition Liandra Swim wearers have the opportunity to genuinely represent a part of Indigenous Australian culture, whether that be in Australia or abroad, whilst also staying on-trend.

The brand’s point of difference is:

Its eagerness to fill a gap in the market that fuses Indigenous Australian Culture with on-trend premium designer swimwear. Liandra Swim is more than just a bikini or full-piece swimsuit. Liandra Swim gives the wearer the opportunity to exhibit a slice of culture, which has been tens of thousands of years in the making. We have managed to design swimwear that is the perfect combination of old meets new. Our unique prints and elegant designs consequently deliver an experience in fashion that is unmatched.

The collection at Fashion Exposed will include:

A summer 2018/19 range of two-piece and one-piece swimwear. Our range utilises two separate prints on a number of differing design. This includes strapless bikini tops and high-cut bottoms and one-piece items that are flattering, as they utilise a corset midsection.

My favourite piece from the collection is:

The Natalie one-piece. I love the corset inspired middle. After having children I am conscious of my midsection and the Natalie one-piece allows me to create that hour-glass look.

The wholesale price points for the range are:

Between $50 to $90 Australian dollars.

Our designs have:

A seamless double-layered finish. We have two distinct prints that make up our collection. Each print works to tell a story, that intertwines the wearer and the swimwear. This allows the wearer to have a unique experience when they put on a Liandra Swim piece. We have opted for a shiny lycra and have used gold plated eyelets and buckles, where necessary. The combination of which gives an elegant feel and look.

The brand is currently designed:

In Australia and manufactured in Bali, Indonesia. This contemporary relationship is ironic, and special, as historically Aboriginal people, from northern parts of Australia, have had longstanding partners

hips with Indonesians, which predates European settlement. Further cementing, for us, a unique relationship that is already hundreds of years old.

My brand is currently stocked at:

Our online retail store and we are on

the hunt for some awesome boutiques and online retailers to partner with.

I predict the biggest trend this year will be:

The cheeky Brazillian style cut will start to fade, as the high-cut bikini bottoms start to make a comeback.

green print one piece

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