These 6 free events could revolutionise your business

We’re not just an ordinary trade show. We’re about to help you succeed in six ways.

Fashion Exposed Now will host a series of free workshops to give buyers and designers the tools they need to succeed. The fashion industry trade show will host the workshops on the show floor, offering advice across marketing, production, sales and technology.

Mark these in your diary – and make sure you make the most of your Fashion Exposed Now experience.


Saturday, 26 August  

Sustainable Fashion Industry Panel

Hosted by NDLESS: The New Normal

As consumers become increasingly conscious of the impact of their purchases, the global demand for sustainable fashion has increased. Visitors will hear from a panel of experts as they provide insights into the world of sustainable fashion, what it means for their businesses and how they engage their customers on the issues. 

The psychology behind shopping and how it can improve your retail sales

Lauren De Bartolo, Australian Styling Institute

Presenting insights into the psychology of shopping, Lauren De Bartolo will highlight ‘why we buy the product we do’ and how to build deeper customer connections to create a more valuable, engaging experience. Lauren will also look at the retailer and client dynamic and how to reduce resistance to create better customer relationships. 


Creating Captivating Content – How to increase follower engagement through smart social media strategy

Adriana Perri, Le Blonde Fox

Adriana Perri will focus on key media and marketing tactics to help retailers break through online market saturation. Through being open to the new age digital world, Adriana will also share her ideas and knowledge to help retailers cancel out the noise and start focusing on their brand. 


How to apply the successful consumer behaviour strategies of big retailers to better understand your consumers and build your business

Anne Marie Moir, Consumer Behaviour

Consumers are becoming ever more powerful and demanding in the digital age. Anne Marie Moir will shed light on the questions retailers can ask themselves and the strategies that can be put in place to better understand the unique needs and wants of consumers. 

Sunday, 27 August  


Bring your business to the forefront of technology: Embracing the latest digital innovations

Jason Frew, Brauz Media

Jason Frew will present the latest options in today’s market; covering a wide array of technologies that span across the physical, digital and virtual retail spaces. This interactive workshop will explore these technologies and help retailers identify which are best suited to their business.


Top 5 marketing tips for your fashion business

Elizabeth Formosa, Fashion Equipped Pty. Ltd.

During this workshop, Elizabeth Formosa will share her professional insights on the following areas: the key marketing strategies to consider for fashion business, where marketing focus is best spent in the early days and how to gauge results to achieve the best return on investment.

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