BT Illustrator Design Competition

To expand its design support through the fashion industry, BT Financial Group holds a BT Illustrator Design Competition each year to provide opportunities to budding fashion and design illustrators to expand their experience and credentials.

Current students from three prominent design schools – Whitehouse Institute of Design, Billy Blue College of Design and FBI Fashion College – are invited to submit a unique illustration to represent our annual fashion charity event, BT Runway for Success.

The winning illustrator receives a $1,000 cash prize from BT Financial Group and has their creation featured alongside some of Australia’s iconic fashion designer labels on event collateral in print, online and mobile.

2017 WINNER – Raquel Ware, Whitehouse Institute of Design


2016 WINNER – Sophie Wilson, Whitehouse Institute of Design


2015 WINNER – Jodie Hilton, Billy Blue College of Design


2014 WINNER – Meg Farquhar, Whitehouse Institute of Design


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