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Functional Friday: The Handee Bra keeps your goods secure while keeping your goodies secure

There comes a time in every woman’s life where the lack of pockets in popular fashion leads us to store our everyday necessities like phones, cash and keys in our bra. While currency is currency, for retailers, five-dollar note pulled out of a sweaty bra are not ideal.

The Handee Bra started life as a travelling woman’s best friend – providing secure pockets and sleeves for storing passports, notes and money in a place thieves wouldn’t think to look – and has grown into a functional and fashionable item, perfect for runners, yogis, festival goers and whenever you find yourself needing to hold something.

Anti-odour and super soft thanks to its 30% bamboo fiber, the Handee Bra is the cargo pants of the crop top world. Store cash, passport, cards, lipstick, in any of the handy storage features – there’s even a drop down pocket that folds back up into the cup when not needed.

When the Handee Bra is not required for its functional properties, it can easily be fitted with jellies and fillets to be used as a regular sports bra or fashion crop under your favourite outfits.

The Handee Bra is available for wholesale purchase in nude, black or pink, and in sizes ranging from XS to XXXL. $5 from every sale in Australia donated to the National Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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