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Moeloco’s one for one campaign has already put shoes on over 4000 poor children

Moeloco expands its inspirational range of flip flops with a new design just for kids– and the new flip flop was aptly designed by a socially conscious seven year old.

Operating under the popular one-for-one social enterprise model, Moeloco donates one pair of shoes to some of the world’s most under-privileged children for every one of its own flip flops sold.

Moeloco has already put shoes on more than 4000 children living on the streets and in slums in India since launching in November 2014.

Moeloco launched with a range of flip flops for adults in January 2015. The thongs are easily recognisable with their short inspirational messages, such as ‘Dream Crazy’ and ‘Live Love’, carved into their soles.

The new children’s design features the message: Can Fly.

The Moeloco children’s flip flop was designed by budding young artist Georgia Lalli from Manly.

Ms Wong said she contacted Georgia’s family after seeing a sample of Georgia’s work on Facebook.

“We are all about empowering children, and creating little leaders who make a difference,” Ms Wong said.

“We allowed Georgia to create whatever she wanted. She loves birds and you see that come through in her artwork.

After years of searching for personal fulfillment and life meaning, Ms Wong had a dream one night where she saw the words ‘make a difference’. She was inspired to launch Moeloco, which means ‘dream crazy’.

Shoes make an incredible difference to the lives of children in India; with shoes, children can get around more safely, avoid contracting many life-threatening illnesses and, perhaps most importantly, get to school to gain an education and improve their chances of exiting the poverty cycle.

The Moeloco children’s flip flop will be sold online at in sizes suitable for 2, 3 and 4 year olds, RRP $39.95.

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