Embalm Skincare Launches New Luxe Look Packaging

Award-winning Australian skincare company, Embalm, has launched a new look for the packaging of its celebrated formulas.  The eye-catching new logo and branding was released to the public on Tuesday, August 16th to rave reviews and a spike in sales.

In the competitive world of high-end skincare, Embalm has created a name for itself through its commitment to using the finest ingredients to provide users with visible results. The new packaging aligns with the brand’s vision and helps to paint a more tangible picture of the company’s objective to deliver high-quality skincare.

Designed for women who are passionate about their health and want flawless looking skin, Embalm Skincare creates 100% natural skincare products that preserve youthful beauty without compromising on health.

The new packaging and labels match the quality of the product inside and out.  Each of the formulas has a dedicated and vibrant color associated with its packaging which will make it stand out even more on the shelves of the many spas, salons, retail stores as well as on the shelves of consumers.

Embalm Skincare founder, Mel Driver said, “There is a genuine excitement about our new look and we couldn’t be happier about the positive buzz it has generated.”

“A positive buzz is putting it mildly as enquiries are pouring in and sales projections show a strong growth in the coming months.”


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