H&M support sustainable fashion

Video source: H&M website

Did you know that as much as 95% of the tonnes of clothing and textiles that end up in landfills could actually be used again? From house insulation to dish cloths, your unwanted and unloved clothing can be remade into a wealth of new products.

International fashion powerhouse H&M  recognised this and in 2013, launched a global garment collecting initiative as part of their H&M Conscious campaign in a bid to reduce landfull and close the fashion loop.

To date, as part of this initiaive, H&M have gathered and given a new lease of life to more than 22,000 tonnes of garments – that is equal to 100 million shirts. So how does it all work?

So how does it work?

Grab your unwanted, unloved or old clothing and home textiles and and take them to your local H&M store. From here H&M will do the rest, sending your old textiles with their usual deliveries to the nearest processing plant ready for hand-sorting. With a goal of zero waste, old tectiles will either be reused as they are, recycled into raw materials and new products or the really worn and torn textiles will be used to produce energy.

By contributing, not only will you leave feeling fantastic knowing that you have not only given your old pair of Levi’s a new lease of life and reduced unnecessary landfill, but you will also leave with a shiny 15% H&M voucher for each bag of textiles  provided (maximum of two vouchers per day, redeemable on your next purchase). Brilliant!

Click here to visit the H&M website to find out more.

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