Totes amazing!

Where would be be without our amazing tote bags? It is just so handy to be able to pop everything you need in one bag. Sometimes we like to take that extra layer in case it’s chilly, usually take a scarf, always a notebook, often an iPad and a make-up purse. Do you find the same? Quite frankly, there’s usually a lot of stuff to carry around! Totes are brilliant for travelling and great for when you are on the go. Handy for shopping too and, of course, better for the environment than using plastic bags. If you’re looking for a large bag, (and frankly can we ever really have too many?!) this selection of stylish totes by independent designers in Australia will have you covered.

For further information and prices please click on the links below:-

travellingaliceTravelling Alice

Made by Sara in her Sydney Studio. Great size, hand printed totes, plus a lovely range of printed travel accessories. Sara has an obsession with travel and fabric, which started many years ago on her first trip to India volunteering, followed by many adventures through South East Asia and South America.


Apple Green Duckapplegreenduck

An innovative range of funky reusable bags for the environmentally-friendly shopper. In particular, these bags have been designed to create an affordable and fashionable alternative to using plastic bags. This Melbourne based company have a fabulous range that includes a number of different styles. No matter what you need to carry, they will have you shopping in style.

randodesignsRancho Designs

The Rancho label began in 2009 and is a business run by couple Michelle and Bruce Smith, based in the lower Hunter Valley, NSW. Michelle draws inspiration for her designs from her Scandinavian heritage, simplicity and urban trends. Pop over to their website to see their full range. They also create lovely accessories and canvas prints.


Tiff Manuelltiffmanuell

Tiff Manuell hand paints her bright and fresh art onto canvas, which is then constructed into a limited number of high quality clutches and accessories by her small team in Adelaide, South Australia. Tiff grew her namesake project from a dream to design and develop hand made products incorporating all of her passions – painting, making, sewing and more than anything, working freely with colour with no boundaries. We are big fans of her bold and colourful designs. This tote is made with hand painted canvas, a PVC cover, cotton lining and leather straps.

tinandyarnYin and Yarn

This small Australian business, based in Geelong, describes itself as being obsessed with all things colourful, creative and crafty. It started when three ladies met as friends, but quickly shared their passion for creating and styling beautiful things. Pop over to their website to see their full range of colourful  homewares, and gorgeous tote bags. This denim tote comes with the fun accessory attached to the handle. Cute!


aboutPolly-300x253Guest Blog, by Sue Pollard, Polly finds beautiful things

Polly finds beautiful things is a Sydney based blog about talented creatives and the things they make or do to make the world a more exciting place to live in. With a history in newspapers and magazines its editor, Sue Pollard, took the plunge to enter the world of blogging and hasn’t looked back. She travels often between Australia, the USA and the UK, bringing the best of independent designers and shopkeepers to the pages of her blog. It’s a dream job – and one she loves sharing with her readers.

Website: www.pollyfindsbeautifulthings.com

Instagram: @pollyfindsbeautifulthings

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