What is yours?

From Facebook live videos to Snapchat filters, our favourite social media channels are continually evolving, offering new tools to enhance our social experience and increase our contact with our followers.

And the social media gurus above have once again spoken.

Instagram has recently launched Instagram Stories; a new feature that allows you to share quick fire moments from throughout your day without the worry of over-posting.

With Instagram Stories you can now share as many snaps and videos as you like away for your core Instagram profile and feed. Snap a beautiful pair of shoes, a special moment or even a sneak peek of something exciting that is yet to come, add on text using the drawing tools and post to your story! It is that easy. When uploading using the Instagram Stories tool, videos and photos won’t post to your core profile, but instead to your story where after 24 hours these  photos and videos will disappear!

From quick pics from the busy showroom floor to sneak peek videos from the runway this new valuable tool gives even more opportunities for retailers and wholesalers to reach out to their audience through a new medium.

To find a story, look at the top of your Instagram homepage. If you see a colorful ring around a profile, it means they are using stories and have shared something new. Tap on the ring to see the post and continue tapping to see that same followers story. To see another story, simply swipe right to left. Want to jump back? Swipe left to right!

See it for yourself! 

Source: Blog.instagram

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