Timeless by Heather Hill Changing the Face of Seniors Fashion

It’s not every day that your Grandma inspires you to start a fashion label, but that was exactly the case for Hayley Clarke, Co-Founder of the Timeless by Heather Hill clothing label.

Launching in June 2016, this completely Australian owned, designed and manufactured clothing label is redefining seniors fashion from functional to absolutely fabulous.

“As a young girl I fondly remember my Grandma’s elegant style, and as she’s aged and become less agile, I’ve become increasingly concerned that she would not be able to retain this elegance that has in many ways been a key part of her identity,” said Hayley.

“I spoke with my mother, Heather Hill, who has an extensive background in seniors care and accommodation, and together we decided that there is a real need for suitable clothing options for seniors that are both easy to put on and take off and still look stylish.”

“One of the biggest issues we have seen for seniors wanting to stay stylish and elegant, is the lack of adaptability in mainstream clothing, meaning they aren’t easy to put on and take off,” said Heather.

“As someone becomes less mobile, why should they have less of a chance to dress elegantly and feel great about themselves?  We believe that elegance should be ageless.”

The Timeless by Heather Hill clothing range is completely Australian designed and made, manufactured in Brisbane and Melbourne.  The current range has been designed in the style of prominent actors from the 1950s and 1960s with Katharine Hepburn trousers, Lucille Ball dresses and Audrey Hepburn skirts.

Quality and adaptability are at the foundation of each piece, ensuring they are easy to put on and take off, without compromising style.  This is achieved using a range of techniques including extra long zips, wrap around designs, hidden secure snap studs, and clever designs such as a scarf that also acts as a clothing protector.

“We have had a great response from the retirement and aged care sectors, who can see the benefit for their residents, in promoting independence, dignity and confidence, and from Australian seniors who can finally dress with the elegance they deserve.”


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