World’s largest red lipstick range rebrands as RED Cosmetica

Red Burlesque, the rapidly growing Australian luxury cosmetics brand that launched the world’s largest lipstick range devoted just to reds, has undergone a global re-brand and will now be known as RED Cosmetica.

The re-brand signals an expanded focus for the brand, which will see the company extend its range beyond red lipsticks to tantalise and luxuriate lips, nails, eyes and even skin over the coming year.

“From the first day we launched our lipstick range under the Red Burlesque brand we were recognised as true innovators in an industry that is actually quite conservative and unadventurous” said RED Cosmetica CEO, Adam Coutts. “Innovating isn’t just adding the latest super ingredient in to a new or existing product and marketing the bejesus out of it, it’s recognising real customer needs and wants in the market and responding to them in new and exciting ways.”

One such innovation from the company was the launch in 2014 of the Red Lipstick App. The first mobile app ever to enable women to take a selfie and virtually try on 21 different shades of red lipstick, without having to go into a store to try them on.

Another is the ‘What’s my Shade?’ service on the RED Cosmetica website that invites customers to email their photo and answers to three questions to the RED Cosmetica beauty experts. Within 24 hours they receive an email back with a list of the perfect shades of red lipstick for their skin tone, hair colour and facial features.

“Watch this space!” said Coutts. “What you’re going to see from RED Cosmetica over the next 18 months will be even more innovative products across a spectrum of beauty categories and products”

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