New kids activewear range offers relief to allergy sufferers

Danielle Honoré is turning the kids activewear industry on its head with a new range that’s not only helping kids with skin allergies, its getting kids off the couch with less complaining.

Honoré Activewear is an exciting edition to the industry. It’s the first Australian company to offer an activewear range for kids that’s made from all natural fibers. The fabrics used against the skin are sourced from Australian companies, and the outfits are also made in Australia.

Danielle knew she had to do something when her daughter’s skin was red raw after a short session on the tennis court last year. It didn’t take long to work out the problem was caused by the fabric used in the clothes her daughter was wearing.

“She was wearing polyester, which is a man made product and doesn’t breathe,”

“It’s a type of plastic and I don’t know anyone who likes being wrapped in plastic, especially while playing sport,”

“I thought that if I was struggling to find good quality matching activewear that doesn’t irritate the skin, other parents must have the same problem,” says Danielle.

With a corporate background under her belt, Danielle got to work on finding a solution. In just six months she had researched fabrics, the market, found Australian suppliers, and started working on designs.

Honoré Activewear is already attracting a loyal following, including Kirsty who is a blogger with two special needs children – one with albinism and high-functioning autism the other has Aspergers Syndrome.

And, of course, Danielle’s daughter is now able to spend hours on the tennis court in the middle of a Perth summer without nasty red raw rashes.

“It’s only the beginning but our goal is to have retail stores across Australia,” Danielle says.

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