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Trending: Ultra-Luxe Footwear

Metallic hues are trending throughout the apparel, gift and homewares industry this season and they have now hit the footwear scene too.

Move over classic, tan brogues and make way for a glorious array of metallic styles that will have every fashionista twitching in her seat (because we all secretly have a penchant for all things shiny right?!)

From subtle, embellished boots to full-on, reflective kicks,  there is a shimmering style to suit every taste this season.

Why not combine your crush for metallics  with comfort and invest in a pair of golden sneakers?

Nothing makes more of a statement than the visual ‘pow’ metallic hues offer, so be as brave as you dare to be with this trend.

Take a look at our 12 favourite metallic picks suitable for coffee dates, date dates and for those a little more daring, those which could just about pass as ‘normal’ at the office.

Image credit and available at The Iconic.

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