Aiming To Connect, Not Communicate…

We absolutely LOVE connecting with passionate people. Not communicating, but truly connecting. Sincere connection creates an attraction, a magnet which pulls us in heart and soul. I often hear stories on how certain people step into their passion, and ultimately how they’ve turned their passion into a successful income stream which has enabled a continuation on their true life path. Most entrepreneurs and dream chasers share the same fear of failure like most people, but they’ve managed to pursue their ideas to a point where they can connect their ideas to others with a similar ethos. Again, not just communicate their ideas, but rather passionately connect their ideas with an audience who find value.

The rest of us seem to do a really great job at communicating in the quiet, hoping the other party can feel what we truly want to say and ultimately do. So, how do we become part of an energy surrounding ‘connectivity’? The first thing I tend to do is locate a subject where both feel comfortable to dance in and explore further.

For me, this usually a subject which I ends up feeling quite vulnerable about. This lets the other person know it’s ok to be vulnerable as well and open up about their truest deepest desires – to connect with their hearts not just their logical brain (ideas are always born in the heart).

For some, handing over the keys to being vulnerable isn’t something we do easily, for others, its easier. Truth be told, how can anyone truly know what you’re about and get handle on your deepest passions, when we don’t have the courage to passionately express and connect with them ourselves? Not an easy question to answer but if you’re reading this now, hopefully this piece will give you the courage to take the next small step to start creating meaningful connections with those who can help you further your own brilliance which is lying dormant within you.

So how do we connect with the right people who can help us to further understand and move into what we love? Here are 3 areas to help us get started;

  1. Define your passion – The first chapter in The 11 Master Secrets book is about discovering your passion. Define this as a matter of urgency. Then you’ll start to identify the right people to reach out to.
  2. Limit your exposure to mainstream thinking – You’re about to step out and do something brilliantly creative. Choose your travelling companions wisely.
  3. Realise if it’s possible it’s probable – Most people live by the mantra, ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’. For dream chasers the statement is always in reverse, ‘When I believe it, then I’ll see it’. Remember the important role imagination plays in manifesting your dream. Learn to see it mentally, everyday.

In short, connectedness is about the targeted quality of your energy and conversation in the idea you want to convey. Communication is the exchanging of information in the hope some of it is remembered.

Let’s make it our mission to connect – firstly with our passion, and secondly with the people who’ll appreciate and connect with you for a mutually beneficial outcome.

barryAbout the Author:

Barry is the #1 International Best Selling Author of The 11 Master Secrets to Business Success and Personal Fulfillment. He is available for speaking engagements surrounding the most destructive personal habits which stop us from achieving the growth we want for ourselves professionally and personally. He is Director and founder of industry Agency ShoeCircle.com.au and life-purpose website  barrynicolaou.com

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