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Functional Friday: Keep your sheets fake tan-free with Tanzee – the tanning sleeping bag

As Australians, we have been told for years that there’s nothing healthy about a tan and to use sun-less alternatives, but they never told us how unhealthy fake tan could be for our bedsheets!

Well rejoice, fake tanners, the Tanzee is here to save you from ruining any more linen.

Designed like a sleeping bag, simply lay the high quality microfiber silk fabric slip between your bed sheets and slide your pillow into the built in pillow case slip, fold the protective flap over the top of your quilt cover, and sleep the night away!

Once used, the Tanzee can bed chucked in the wash using a delicates bag, air dried, then fold into the provided pouch, making it incredibly portable and easy to store.

Celebrities such as actress Tamin Sursok and Queensland fitness gurus Ashy Bines, Chontel Duncan and Sophie Guidolin have been quick to snap up the product.

The Tanzee can be bought online at  and hopes to one day be available in stores.

Actress Tamin Sursok and Queensland fitness guru Ashy Bines using their Tanzee

All images sourced from the Daily Mail

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