TRENDING: We’re up to our necks in it

Is your least fortuitous quality (indecision) becoming a pain in your fashionable neck? Are your co-workers sick of you turning up late because your outfit just ‘wasn’t working’?

Lucky for you, the AW 16-17 catwalk season has been deliciously fruitful, providing us with all the inspiration we needed. It really was right under our noses after all. The equation goes a little like this:

Whack on your favourite dress + boots + jazz it up with a skinny neck scarf.

Keep it relaxed and long at the front, long at the back or tie it in a bow. If your DIY bones are tingling, just use an old head scarf or piece of floaty fabric. Maybe you’ll double the skinny scarf as a wrist warmer, à la Leandra Medine.

Column 1: Blumarine, Bottega Veneta, Carolina Herrera, Etro
Column 2: Gucci, Mara Hoffman, Mara Hoffman
Column 3: Missoni, Roberto Cavalli

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