Picadilly – Summer 16

There are very few womenswear manufacturing companies in Canada and even fewer that can boast decade’s long success, but this year marks the 40th anniversary for Toronto-based family run Picadilly Canada label.  Sold in Australia now for 4 years, this Made in Canada label is performing very well at retail with good fit, exceptional quality and delivery performance at affordable prices.

Key for this Spring/Summer 16 collection are Lighter and more transparent fabrics.

Aside from the favoured bright ITY prints enjoyed by boutiques worldwide, this season there are more natural fabrics like cotton jersey, rayon jersey and whole group of striking shapes in Linen that were best sellers in the US & Canada and are now repeating well in-store. Be sure to put this label on your appointment list for Summer buying.

Selling Dates: Now to 20th March

To view the Picadilly ranges in NSW, contact;

Garland & Garland Fashion 

Tel: 02 9699 2777

To view the ranges in all other states & NZ contact;

A Touch of Europe Fashion 

Tel: 02 8005 0928

Picadilly – Summer 16 Picadilly – Summer 16 2

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