What to do with 86,400 Seconds

clockIt is incredible to note that we’re trading in a massive 86,400 seconds for every day we’re alive. We trade these precious seconds involuntarily, without our expressed or implied permission. The train keeps moving forward and no one knows where the next station will be or who’ll be asked to disembark.

Unfortunately, some of us will be disembarking with their dreams, passions, visions and talents still within them, unexposed to the people on the train and other trains who are similarly sharing the same journey with us. Most will look back and finally realise we may of had the time to pursue what we loved but opted for more seemingly pressing pursuits.

The concept of time and the way we spend time would have to be one of the most pressing issues when faced with what we believe we can and can’t do with it. Discussing the reality of time management as it applies to our professional lives and personal pursuits is highly debated among almost everyone.

Some realise early that the value of time is well over and above the importance of money. Some discover this later in life when they’re short of time. When we start to consciously realise that time is indeed limited and money is the opposite, it becomes the first real step to understanding that we need to pursue what we love – our passions. Similarly to good health, time is the only other enabler which makes our personal and professional pursuits possible. The one long known issue about time though is that it shrinks everyday without the opportunity of a do-over. And most of us believe, because time expands only one day at a time – we have plenty of time to achieve everything we want. This would be true if we knew exactly how much time we had left. We could budget our time, like we budget our finances. How can we carelessly withdraw time, when we don’t know how much we have left in our time bank?

A beautiful thing can happen when we relentlessly pursue a belief over a sustained period of time. We notice that with enough pressure pursuing, resiliance and time passing, it can very well lead to a reality we want for ourselves and impact the world in our own unique way. Some would call this time well used.

If you’ve performed any research on diamond formation you may already know just how incredible this time and pressure producing environment can mean.

Some have humorously stated that diamonds are just pieces of coal that stuck to their job – humorous but accurate. What can we learn from this process and what can this use of time teach us about the constant application of pressure and time.

I believe we can learn a great deal.

The correlation between pursuing our larger visions and the formation of Diamonds is truly uncanny. We can choose how we spend our time, whether we waste it, value it, pursue an ideal with it, or lose it – the choice is ours, in 86,400 second lots. Our time has been given to us to do what we want with. When we realise the importance of time and that “all good things take time” most of us have a true epiphany. That is, when we realise that time is the most precious commodity and resource we have available to inspire change in ourselves and in the world it becomes a true eureka moment for most of us. This is the single most important lesson life teaches us, that everything has its season and the way we choose to impact our world when our season is in bloom (our life) is our single most sacred duty we have available to each of us.

So what should we focus on?

Start today to find the piece within you that’s tenacious and wont give up following your unique talents and skills to pursuing what you love. Why? Because this is the reason you’ve been given your time. To experience it through your own unique eyes, to learn from it, to struggle, grow and change because of it. We must find the emotional piece inside where you know you’ll either die or go the distance. Find the reason why you’re doing it, or perhaps find the person you’re doing it for. This is how we’ll gain the emotional aptitude and resilience to continue utilising our time with urgency, purpose and a love for what we do.

“Death is life’s single most important invention – it clears out the old to make way for the new, right now, the new is you, so what are you going to do with the time you’ve got left” – Steve Jobs..

Until next time…

barry 6About the Author:

Barry Nicolaou is a regular Exposed Online Contributor and is Founder and Director of www.barrynicolaou.com & ShoeCircleBarry’s’ passion for inspiring and encouraging change for seminar members to live on purpose is truly contagious. For upcoming seminars, he can be contacted here: barry@shoecircle.com.au

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