What’s in the showroom for AW16?

Autumn-Winter (AW16) offers exceptional opportunities for fashion retailers because it offers exceptional value for customers. Strong value propositions are found across ranges offering strong textures in knitwear, wool bouclé, fur and coats. This season the fashion component is stronger than ever thanks to our strict advisement to the fashion labels we represent for more fashion, more breathable fabric content and, of course, value for money.11816132_10153015090657322_1374089162868129179_o

Canadian label, Picadilly Black Label has really excelled with its rayon prints in beautiful commercial colours such as magenta, as well as earthy tones. We found these were best sellers in SS15 ranges.

In AW16 Picadilly Black Label will offer dressy co-ordinates in stretch jersey fabrics while their sister label, Picadilly Green Label, offers casual daywear in textured fabrics and colours such as citron, French blues, creams and caramel. Both ranges merchandise exquisitely on the rack and present a strong story for retailers, which we have colour coded in the showroom for an easy selection process and purchase.

These labels have such a strong following with retailers who understand the Canadian apparel market and have fashion-loving customers.

Fur continues to be big for AW16 with faux fur gilets appearing from Holmes & Fallon, in addition to divine rabbit gilets from its upmarket sister label Florencia Phils, alongside breathable fabrics.

11728966_10153002274942322_1102863764643747387_oExpect to see beautiful textures and fashion in both ranges in knitwear, boucle, knits and other fabrics, which appeal to a broad customer base.

When it comes to value for money, these two labels really deliver the goods for retailers and consistently provide high sell-through due to their strong point of difference from the competition, a point they proved in AW15 in terms of sell through at retail.

We are excited that under our advisement, both Holmes & Fallon and Florencia Phil’s will be delivering a national advertising campaign in major magazines and newspaper-inserted magazines showcasing their exquisite collection for AW16.

One thing we have been placing emphasis on with our labels is the need to target the ageless customer. A classic example of which can be found in my own home: all my hand-me downs go to my step-mother, a fashionable lady who is in her 60’s. Some of those hand me downs include labels, Cameo & Finders Keepers, which are actually targeted for a much younger demographic more towards the 20 year old market. In essence this over 50 market demographic has changed. As David Bush, the former General Manager of Womenswear at David Jones said to me once in an interview:

“Fashion labels have got to stop treating [older] women like they are sitting at home knitting.  They are out with the girls having lunch and enjoying life.”

This season has sadly seen us lose one of our oldest labels, which has chosen to become almost a vertical operation and dispense with half of their agents around the country.

However, as one door closes another opens, and we have been able to take on Givoni Daywear. Givoni Daywear is going from strength to strength, picking up market share with its keener price points, better margins and sizes up to 24 with no price penalty – all helped by a keen ear for customer feedback Their motto is “All feedback is good feedback.”  Givoni Daywear is a small, family-owned business, and they are investing in national advertising to build a brand for retailers. More importantly, the sell through of the product for retailers is outstanding. As we’ve discovered to our delight, they put the wholesale customer first. This winter they are also offering a competitive offer on basic tops to really lure in customers.

Marcella Garcia has launched an exquisite capsule collection for AW16 based on their years of retailing in their highly successful Hotskies store in Sydney’s CBD.  Peter Wilkinson and Marcella Garcia have over 50 years’ experience in the fashion industry between them, working in many facets of wholesale and retail. The Marcella Garcia AW16 collection offers beautiful natural fabrics in silks, cotton, ponte and knitwear in mercerised wool and cotton blends. The price points are outstanding, offering high margin for retailers and a luxury look and feel without the high price point for customers.

DBK coats from the UK offer premium product in luxury fabrics like wool cashmere. Made in the UK, DBK coats have fantastic bright colours as well as the classics that never date and never go out of style.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 2.01.08 pmSome anoraks are down filled for extra luxury and there are exquisite cropped leather jackets in the range. DBK coats are distributed in Australia by outerwear specialists Sabena Fashion Group which has been a family owned company since the 1950’s.

The company is now run and owned by the next generation of the family, with Adam and his wife Shana Grosman at the helm.

LD & Co is one of the best knitwear specialists in the Australian market and it continues to innovate with their fully-fashioned knitwear pieces in Italian yarn, lamb’s wool and merino blends in jewel colours for 2016.

LD & Co is the fashionable ageless sister label to Zaket & Plover. LD & Co offers knitwear in timeless tunics, and long-line pieces with a strong emphasis on fashion for the ageless market.  Their sister label, La Dame, targets customers who still require classic, traditional pieces.LD&Co AW16 front cover_Collage_Fotor

In essence I am very excited about Winter 16 and I am a tough critic, ask any one of my labels.  However in the short time we have been selling Winter 16 the orders are looking very positive. For every article or person I see lamenting the death of wholesale, I still find there is a strong demand for wholesale labels and also in certain categories. However, innovating and delivering for retailers is more important than ever, and the sell through and repeat orders speak for themselves.

Building a brand is something all fashion labels need to invest in (not just the ones we represent) and need to work on. Wholesale is far from dead. Retail is tough and challenging but it’s a matter of thinking outside the square. As with every industry, the competitive forces of globalisation have tossed us about, but it’s not a bad thing. It simply means we need to look beyond the traditional business models and embrace the brave new world, be it online, bricks and mortar or a combination of both. And we shouldn’t be blind to opportunities, including Australian fashion labels and also retailers aiming at targeting a global market. The most dangerous phrase in business is “we’ve always done it this way”.

Garland & Garland Fashion welcomes all new retailer enquiries.
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Photo Credit: Instagram @garland_garlandfashion @phoebes_garland

About the Author:
Phobes Garland

Phoebes Garland is a Features Writer for Exposed Online & co-owns Garland & Garland Fashion with Robert Garland, a leading fashion agency based in Sydney. Phoebes also owns Fashion Initiative, an online fashion destination covering business of fashion, luxury and events.
Described as a” Power Agent” by Ragtrader Magazine. Between the two of them, Phoebes & Robert Garland have over 50 years sales experience in fashion, publishing and advertising.  Phoebes is on the Advisory Board for Fashion Design Studio (Sydney TAFE) in 2015 and is an industry mentor to designers with industry body Australian Fashion Chamber. Garland & Garland Fashion is a respected leading boutique fashion sales & consulting agency based in Sydney and they are regularly sought for comment from various media and the fashion industry on business fashion topics, fashion and issues. 

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