Author: Motivational speaker and  Founder and Director of www.barrynicolaou.com & ShoeCircle,  Barry Nicolaou.


Load them up and push them forward.

There’s no real great mystery to how they work and what they’re designed to do. But do we push the right ones forward? Our wheelbarrows usually encapsulate what’s important to our extended family unit and to us as individuals. We name our wheelbarrows different names, push them forward at different speeds and sometimes toss out old loads for new. Below are popular wheelbarrows:

1. The Need for Success Wheelbarrow

2. The Need for Love Wheelbarrow

3. The Need for Dreams Wheelbarrow

4. The Need for Security Wheelbarrow

5. The Need for Fulfillment Wheelbarrow

Depending on our level of ambition and our definition of success, the first wheelbarrow is interesting, but extremely difficult to reach and very sacrificial for most. Most of us, upon reaching a measure of success we deem as externally congratulatory, often move the goal posts to an even bigger goal. There’s nothing wrong with this so long as we recognise and celebrate our first achievement. For entrepreneurs, this wheelbarrow holds a special kind of reward that surpasses financial freedom. It is what we end up becoming because of the struggle that usually resonates with the wheelbarrow 5, which is also usually the beginning of wisdom.

They say that we only make two real decisions. The first is a decision for the LOVE for someone or something, the other is because of the FEAR of someone or something. Try to make decisions out of the first. Our need for love and acceptance is why many of us push wheelbarrow 1 so hard – to be recognised. Yes, the money will bring with it a lifestyle and the smoke screen of security for a time. But LOVE is well and truly the only consistent wheelbarrow that’s always available for personal and professional growth.

“Love what you do.”

Someone once said dreams are given to us for the purpose of accomplishing them. How often do we push dreams forward with tenacity? When was the last time you pushed your dream wheelbarrow forward? When was the last time you grabbed the handles and wondered if you still wanted to push this wheelbarrow – is it worth it? Has life and routine tightened its grip around your chest? Even in our full time jobs there are still people who pursue their dreams. How? They do just a small part per day. An hour a day pursuing a dream is 6 weeks worth of 8 hr days per year. Imagine what a great start 6 weeks could mean while we still paid the bills and lubricated life’s wheels. Live the Dream.

Often the cry of the long-term employee, we should put to bed a theory which has been a stubbornly held belief for far too long and simply isn’t true. Ready? There’s no such thing as security. Anyone can make it successful independently and anyone also can lose his or her job/fortune aiming for security. Pushing the illusion of security/safety can stop some of the most wonderful discovery moments from happening in our lives to pursuing our passions. The other irony here is that life itself is impermanent – so how and why are we obsessed with pushing a seemingly permanent strategy forward with such tenacity? There’s no such thing as security.

Wheelbarrow 5 comes by only being of service to others. Think about the most fulfilling times in your life and you’ll find that being fulfilled is both the most satisfying and rewarding times of your life. Some my ask why. Well, it is different for everyone, but the explanation I’ve heard best is “fulfilment is food for the soul, it nourishes our hearts and minds to want to continue helping others and in turn, be of greater contribution to the world”. I can live with that definition.  Fulfilment is the only true path to happiness.

Discovering what’s important to us may change at different times in our lives.

Some have argued that our needs for pursuing wheelbarrows 2 and 5 should be without waver, perhaps you have a different view?

About the Author:

Motivational speaker and  Founder and Director of www.barrynicolaou.com & ShoeCircle,  Barry Nicolaou is a regular Exposed Online Contributor.

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“Cultivate the ability to deal with negative moments and bungee-up to positive actions and thoughts as soon as you feel yourself slipping into negative or doubtful thinking. You must do this with focus and as a conscious decision. Realise the lessons that will be learned from the current situation and take them on board with strategy and humility. If you can pass through these discovery moments, you’ll witness opportunities, the opening of doors and greatness manifest into your reality” – BN


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