Fashion Buyers – the new stylists

The wholesale market is changing, particularly in the fashion category. Information and products are readily available online, not just for consumers but also for the people in the business of fashion. Now more than ever it pays to be fashion savvy, stay on trend with social platforms in real time and watch what your consumers and competitors are doing in an era where the definition of privacy and sharing has changed.

blog-1The most recent and important change for those in the Australian wholesale and retail fashion business is the merge between FASHION EXPOSED REVIVED and the Home and Giving Fair at Melbourne in August 2015. Moving forward, the key fashion trade show will now be called Home and Giving + Fashion. This event brings an important, not to be missed trade show for fashion buyers.

Apart from the change in the trade show environment, Paris Fashion Week saw an emergence of stylists combining pieces together in a hit and miss fashion. Did they miss a trend? It seems like there is no right or wrong right now, it’s all about the colours to wear, the creative layers, interesting and unique dress creations you can come up with and watching what celebrities, stylists and fashion bloggers are doing. So as a fashion retailer, how do you prepare for this and stock the right products?

A popular opinion in the fashion buying industry is that fashion buyers need to turn into stylists as a means to adapt in the rapidly changing retail environment. Online shopping is a real threat to retail unless retailers act and do things differently. Retailers should stand out, and stock looks versus only items. If your customers know that you are going to provide them with up to date style options versus up to date garments, you will be chosen over an online transaction and create a meaningful relationships with your customers, that offers value on multiple levels.

blog-2As a fashion buyer who also needs to be a stylist, a trade show offers you the opportunity to see multiple suppliers and create the looks suitable for your customers. With so many garments available online, the opportunity to see the quality of a product, what it actually looks like and sizes is scarce. Combine that with a heightened knowledge of social media and online platforms to stay connected and on trend, and you have two key elements needed in the fashion buying business in Australia.

Feel free to comment below and share what current websites, stylists or bloggers you follow who assist you in the buying process.



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