Providence…Do You Trust?

I need to know ‘how’ it’s going to fall into place”.

As human beings we’re all about the ‘how.’ It has everything to do with how the brain’s neurons transmit electrical and chemical signals to get us from point A to point B.

How = Momentum = New Destination/Experience.

At a young age we were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. The keen adults in the room (usually parents) started to postulate if we were suited to live our dream, from their vantage point of us. Sometimes, providence has other plans. Providence teaches us that even though we might have all our ducks lined up and make no mistakes, our timing can still be off. Some of us want to know the exact reasons for our timing mishaps and some put it down to greater competition or being ill prepared. The truth about dream realisation is – we’re not exactly going to know when it’s going to happen for us.

Your exact dream-succession date has not been set yet and here’s the clincher, we don’t want it to be. Would you want to deprive yourself of the unknown? It is sometimes a nuisance but it’s also exciting not knowing what new direction this life will take us into next. So we continue to trust and pursue our vision. Most believe that working hard and smart allows providence to enter and live up to its end of the bargain, but it seldom turns up when we’re expecting or waiting for it to show itself. It usually manifests from strange, almost peculiar places or people at a time when we’re usually too busy to notice what just happened.

Since we have no influence or bearing on how, when or what shape providence will take, our obligation to manifest our dreams is to keep moving towards in our direction with consistency and an unrelenting passion for its manifestation. For those of us who truly understand that dreams are possibilities under the cloak of impractical, setting ourselves up for providence to come knocking on our door is part of everyday activities, but not part of our everyday thoughts.wave-clark

During Barry Nicolaou’s one day intense workshop – The 11 Master Secrets to Business Success and Personal Fulfilment workshop  (see below), we discuss the analogy of how a beach surfer positions him/herself for the upcoming wave. What’s important to note about this analogy is the word ‘position’ and how the position of the board is akin to positioning ourselves up for the best possible outcome.

Providence will eventually throw an opportunity our way – but we have to be ever ready to ride it. Beach surfers waiting for the right ‘opportunity’ are no different to those chasing dreams; we’re both hitching our wagons to upcoming momentum using our experience and positioning to ride the wave.

Providence is nature’s way of teaching us patience, experience and consistency whilst building resilience to negative moments. We also need providence to work when it’s best for us. Sometimes we won’t know when that time is because Apple hasn’t developed a time machine yet. This is the trust part we have no option but to leave alone and toil away.

We need to position our mental and physical selves for the upcoming providential wave. When the wave we’re searching for finally arrives, we’ll also have a better idea of what to look for in the future and have a bit more patience in its arrival. Once we know how to mentally position our surfboard, providence tends to smile on our affairs. And if providence takes its sweet time, the timing will still be perfect for us. Never give-up or settle with regard to living your purpose and vision. If it was given to you to see, it’s your opportunity to make it happen. And I for one, will be one of your first followers…

Barry’s passion for inspiring service initiatives in fashion and footwear retail staff is truly contagious. Barry will be presenting his one-day workshop on his exclusive The 11 Master Secrets of Business Success and personal Fulfilment at The Vibe Hotel Milson’s Point on Friday 12th June 2015. Prices are $115 per person and bookings are essential. AGHA Members and Exposed Online Subscribers receive a 15% discount if booked by May 29th 2015 . To book, of for more details on upcoming seminars including ‘The 11 Master Secrets’ please contact

barry 6

“Cultivate the ability to deal with negative moments and bungee-up to positive actions and thoughts as soon as you feel yourself slipping into negative or doubtful thinking. You must do this with focus and as a conscious decision. Realise the lessons that will be learned from the current situation and take them on board with strategy and humility. If you can pass through these discovery moments, you’ll witness opportunities, the opening of doors and greatness manifest into your reality” – BN



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