Active lifestyle on trend

Although it might seem like yesterday when sportswear was all about throwing on a pair of loose pants, a slouchy t-shirt and a cool cap, years have since gone by and with them the lines got blurred.

The athletic influences are no longer that obvious, and when they are, something about them screams pure luxury. Could be the fabulous feel of the fabrics used to balance out the relaxed silhouettes, but what’s certain is that sporty-clothing makes for an effortlessly elegant look these days.

This market is driven by a trend toward healthier, more active lifestyles, with older demographics and women becoming more active. Designed in Australia, Soul Song clothing offers an extensive range of clothing choices that advocate a healthy and active lifestyle.

Through the vision and creative passion of founder, Donna Thordarson, Soul Song aspires to provide unique seasonal collections of fashionable, comfortable clothing, enhancing your desire to be active.

Designed to interact with each other, the Soul Song active wear is made from quality high performance fabrics ideal for yoga, pilates, gym or any other form of physical exercise. The lifestyle clothing created from soft flowing viscose and comfortable cottons allow you to mix work with play, travelling and relaxing.

See Soul Song on stand 2134 at Fashion Exposed Sydney from 16 – 18 August, 2014 at Sydney Showground, Olympic Park. 

For more information, visit

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