The power of a dress

Let it not go unsaid that the power of a woman in a perfect dress is not the dissimilar to the power of a man wearing a well-cut suit.

Think about it: a suit enhances masculinity as it says control and structure which are traits associated with masculinity; whereas with women a perfectly cut dress enhances traits associated with femininity such as creativity, softness, even quirkiness.

The key to making this work is finding the perfect dress for YOU.

When people think of what a good stylist does, the most common thought would be that stylists put people in the right pieces and colours for their body shape and skin tone.  But what they really do, is put them in pieces that not only tick those boxes but also match their personality with the clothes, making them shine from the inside out.

So the perfect dress that enhances each woman’s femininity needs to tick the following boxes according to fashion powerhouse DIZINGOF:

  • It’s the right shade for skin, hair and eye colour
  • It’s the right cut that it shows off each individual’s strengths
  • It’s a true representation of that person’s unique personality e.g. creative, whimsical, logical etc
  • When the individual sees themselves in the dress, they don’t want to take it off

All these things can be super tricky, but by using a smart stylist it’s very easy to find that piece (or pieces!) that tick all of those boxes and yes, it’s an amazing feeling when you find that dress!

Made from the highest quality fabric, DIZINGOF collections are all individually sourced from around the world. Combining multiple, contrasting fabrics, from knits, to silks with unique prints, and textured fabrics, DIZINGOF embarks on a journey to create collections that put an individual twist on classic designs – something they have become known and loved for.

DIZINGOF don’t follow trends, they create collections that are timeless. The AW2015 collection fittingly named “Collage”, is made up of exclusive, stylish and unique designs using soft wool, flowing patterns, chunky knits, structured ponte fabric and sequins for a touch of glamour.

The styles from the “Collage” collection are flattering to all figures. DIZINGOF not only take inspiration from the shape and curve of every women’s body, but they take pride in the fact that they cater for every shape and size, from the figure-hugging, sculpted fit, to the looser more sensual fit.

See DIZINGOF on stand 1802 at Fashion Exposed Sydney to find the right dress for YOU. 16 – 18 August, 2014 at the Sydney Showground, Olympic Park. 

For more information, visit

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