Professional ironing in your own home

Why can’t consumers have professional ironing systems at home? If you’re going to do your ironing yourself, why wouldn’t you want a professional system in the comfort of your own home?


LAURASTAR explored this idea and launched the world’s first ironing system for domestic use, instantly becoming a huge success. Today over 2 million LAURASTAR steam irons have been sold worldwide, with over 80,000 in Australia.

Since then, LAURASTAR have been constantly innovating and revolutionising ironing as we know it, with the name synonymous with quality and professional ironing.

LAURASTAR is the pioneer and world leader in professional ironing systems for home use. Its all-in-one systems consist of an exclusive LAURASTAR active board, equipped with a blower and vacuum system to prevent unwanted creases, an integrated steam generator and a professional iron – another LAURASTAR exclusive feature.

Focused on protecting the world’s scarce resources, LAURASTAR develops technologies facilitating significant energy savings and reducing your ironing time by 50%.

The auto-stop function automatically switches LAURASTAR products off after fifteen minutes of inactivity. The pulse steam, emitted in short, intermittent bursts, guarantees optimum diffusion of steal, resulting in less energy waste caused by excess steam for a perfect result.

LAURASTAR only manufacture quality ironing systems and therefore can focus all their efforts developing the latest technology to make the ironing experience as quick and effortless as possible whilst providing professional results.

LAURASTAR Australian has grown exponentially since inception in 1994, with showrooms across the country in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

To see LAURASTAR in action visit stand 1428 at Fashion Exposed from 16 – 18 August, 2014 at Sydney Showground, Olympic Park.

For more information, visit

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