Get your beauty sleep in style

Beauty sleep is real, and it can be yours tonight.

Drift off to a place where style, comfort and joy unite, the essential ingredients for a blissful nights sleep.

Magnolia Lounge offer all of this in their deluxe sleepwear collection fusing beautiful, feminine prints with luxurious fabrics. Relax in style with coordinated ladies sleepwear sets, nighties for women, pyjamas, dressing gowns and separates.

Established in 2009, Magnolia Lounge sleepwear is the result of a combined vision including company directors Linda Yang and Jonathan Chen, along with head designer Mandi Bartlett.

Based in Burwood Victoria, the Magnolia Lounge in-house design and development team have over 30 years experience in garment, textile and graphic design. Their team research international and Australian fashion trends to create original, directional and commercial designs.

The Magnolia lounge customer is a sophisticated woman who is savvy and chic. She appreciates the good things in life but knows this does not need to come at a price or break her bank account. She also wants to look and feel good but not compromise her comfort.

This means fabrication is key. Each season Magnolia Lounge includes soft luminous viscose cotton sateen (which has become the Magnolia Lounge fabric of choice), silky and elegant viscose elastane, cotton and other luxurious blends. Each season their shapes change in keeping with trends and influences from outerwear.

Magnolia Lounge will unveil their Winter 2015 range at Fashion Exposed Sydney.

“If you go out in the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise … Don’t get lost!”

The new range takes you through a mystical forest where you may come across the big bad wolf or cross paths with Hansel & Gretel. Colours for this season cover lush plum tones and gentle blue hues with whimsical prints and designs that are truly intricate works of art, masterfully created by the brand’s head designer, Mandi Bartlett.

“At Magnolia Lounge we blur the lines between bed wear and outerwear,” said Sharon Rodrigues of Magnolia Lounge. “Many of our customers have been known to wear their bed wear out and about!

“Comfort is of utmost importance, after all we spend one third of our lives in bed. To ensure this quality, our Magnolia Lounge team ‘bed test’ all their sleepwear.”

FormUploads_Recommended_FASHSYD2014-580289_2014Jun20-094253-573_check_gown_bearTo celebrate 5 years of Magnolia Lounge they released `Mikey’ Lavender-filled microwaveable heat pack bear earlier this year. Mikey is the `love child’ of Magnolia Lounge in partnership with Yuulong Lavender Farm in Mt Egerton Victoria. The therapeutic benefits of Mikey’s lavender filling means that with just a short visit to your microwave – up to 2 minutes only or you’ll toast him – Mikey can be heated to sooth sore muscles and abdominal cramps while inducing a relaxed mood and a great night’s sleep.

To complement the range, Magnolia Lounge range includes slippers, bed socks and other gift giving ideas.

Visit Magnolia Lounge on stand 2006 during Fashion Exposed from 16-18 August at Sydney Showgrounds, Olympic Park. For more information or to register, visit

Magnolia Lounge are offering free delivery Australia-wide on all Winter 2015 orders placed at the show.

Conditions apply:
Offer valid only on Magnolia Lounge W15 range. No further discounts apply. This offer excludes Special Buys and already discounted lines. Orders must be placed and confirmed at the show (16-18 August 2014). Free delivery Australia wide for orders where the total amount payable is greater than $550 inc GST ($500 exc GST).

Visit Magnolia Lounge on Facebook.

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