What is your social priority?

By Tim Krotiris, Social Media Servants

As a business, your entire purpose is to add value to your customers. Period.images

It’s relatively simple – your customer makes a decision about whether they see value in your business, product or service and when they do, they purchase.

One of the fundamentals to brand success is the ability to articulate and add value consistently to customers. In the past, brands used a variety of methods to do this – such as advertising, celebrity endorsements and joint ventures – to add additional value around being a customer of the business.

Today, social media has allowed brands to add value to customers each and every day through constant connection.

So the question has to be asked: how are you adding value to your clients through social media?

Most businesses fail to think about this and suffer the consequences. Unless you can add value on a daily basis, you will lose their attention. While social media allows brands to connect, if you’re not worth connecting with this is useless.

So, before you post, upload a piece of content or blog, ask yourself this simple question: how is this adding value to my customer?

If it’s not adding value in their eyes, its not worth posting.


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