Is your business in the path of social opportunity?


Is your business in the path of opportunity?

One of the issues we witness regularly with retailers, fashion brands, and businesses in general is adapting and understanding to the way customers, sales, and business development opportunities occur in today’s social media environments.

In fact, without the required knowledge and understanding of the social media landscape, the size of the business using social media has become an irrelevant factor for online success.

While having the budget to invest in social media channels is necessary, without knowledge, strategy, and goals in place, this investment will just be wasted.

To avoid wasting time and money, you must begin with a very simple strategy idea for your social media presence. The idea is this: put your brand in the path of the best opportunities.

While very simple, most businesses get so caught up in doing the latest “new thing” that they forget about the basics idea. They are looking at the next best campaign and forget the fundamentals that produce the best results.

When you decide to develop a social strategy focused on putting your business in front of the best opportunities, everything else falls into place and content decisions become easy.

Social media allows you to constantly create openings for your business to connect, engage, grow, and sell. On top of this, it allows you to put your brand in the way of amazing and unthinkable opportunities. This includes media opportunities, promotion by bloggers/websites, and the types of opportunities that create significant impact immediately. They catapult your business.

This is the magic of social media; through the process of providing your community with great content, looking after them, engaging in conversation, you grow your platform and brand presence. These daily actions produce solid results, growth, and importantly profits.

With this in place, you place your business in the way of big opportunities. While you can’t plan, manufacture, or buy these opportunities, they seem to seek out businesses that are consistently connecting, growing, and investing in their social media profiles.

So when building your social media presence, remember that opportunities go to the businesses that are invested in their communities and provide the greatest value. The more value you provide, the more opportunities will arrive.

To be successful on social media, your job is to place your business in the path of most opportunity.

About the author:

speaker_tim-krotirisTim Krotiris is Director of leading social media agency Social Media Servants. The business runs the complete social media strategy and implementation for over 50 fashion brands in Australia.

They have been featured in Ragtrader and work closely with the TFIA and LMFF (L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival).

For more information, visit socialmediaservants.com.au



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