Top 5 e-Commerce Tips with Chris Vincent


It’s been here for some time now, but with the rate at which technology changes, e-Commerce can be a tricky landscape to navigate.

There are so many factors to consider from website usability to design functionality, analytics and mobile-friendly sites.

We asked e-Comm expert & Fashion Exposed seminar speaker, Chris Vincent of Practicology to give us his top 5 tips to steer a successful course online.

1. Back the channel like you want it to succeed
It should be the biggest store on the busiest street so treat it like that!

2. Test & Learn
Design isn’t a once-a-year thing, it’s a continual process. Don’t be afraid to make constant changes so long as you can measure the results.

3. Analytics
Use analytics to drive future decisions, most people use it to look at past performance only.

4. Get good people
A good e-Commerce trader is worth their weight in gold, don’t be afraid to pay market value to secure a strong candidate.

5. Multichannel is important
I’ve heard so many people say that they don’t think it’s critical in this market, if it’s worked everywhere else why not Australia too?

ChrisVAbout Chris Vincent

Chris is an eCommerce and multi-channel leader who has been delivering change projects for businesses for over 18 years in North America, the UK and Asia Pacific and has worked at the C level in multichannel retailers for a number of years in Australia.

He has had P&L ownership and the responsibility for the development of the online channel and the cross channel propositions for a number of leading retailers including General Pants and Surf Dive N Ski businesses.

Chris is now heading up the Asia Pacific office for Practicology, the UK’s fastest growing eCommerce and multi-channel retail consultancy. And therefore he also has benchmarks and best practice from the world’s leading online market at his fingertips.

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