7 Tips to Buying Success with General Pants, Lauren Jones

‘A fashion buyer is responsible for selecting/developing a range of products, aimed at a specific market, that addresses consumer needs to drive profitable sales and growth.’ – Lauren Jones, Womens Wear Buyer General Pants Group.


Lauren Jones

With over 10 years buying experience, working with department store, David Jones and currently, major retailer General Pants co, Lauren Jones has forged a successful career specialising in women’s fashion and denim.

But it’s her ability to consistently drives strong sales and margin result in a rapidly evolving landscape that has earned her respect in the Australian fashion industry. Drawing on this experience, Lauren lectures at FBI Fashion College, teaching both Fashion Buying and Advanced Fashion Buying courses.

She recently spoke to a packed crowd at Fashion Exposed Melbourne on ‘How to shop, fashion buying fundamentals’.

Here Lauren shares her top 7 buying tips;

1. Never lose sight of who you customer is. Build a clear customer profile identifying key price points, trend/ brand/ style presences.

2. Plan your assortment to ensure you are investing in the right areas to ensure high sell through, margin and return. Identify where your volume is and cater to it.

3. Always review product performance in the context of your season to gauge any shifts in the market.

4. Before placing final orders review total assortment to ensure consistency in product and pricing architecture, also by delivery month to ensure you have clear colour and trend stories and eliminate any cross over.

5. Include trend/fringe pieces in small quantities to use as indicators to grow and evolve in line with demand in order to manage your risk.

6. Don’t compromise your edit by buying product that isn’t true to your vision or in line with your customer (even if offered with high discount).

7. When conducting any business always work with integrity and respect, it will serve you well.



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