Top Tips: Energy Efficiency Opportunities to save costs in your business

imagesReducing energy starts with your attitude!

How can  you reduce your lighting, air-conditioning energy usage and save money?

Carol Hanlon, CEO TCF Australia offered her insights into fashion industry energy supply chains – upstream and downstream at the Fashion Exposed Business Seminar series.

Here are her top tips for reducing energy in your retail outlet;

1. Make no-cost or low cost changes in your business and you can lower 20%-40% energy use
2. Air Conditioning accounts for about 40% of the energy consumption in most businesses
3. Free energy calculator to work out the time & benefit to change your lighting to LED
4. How to get the best LED lighting effects for retail fashion displays
5. Research your fashion industry energy supply chains – upstream and downstream
6. Sustainable Fashion – accredited textiles, labour, chemical & water use, CSR, environmental issues

Update Your Energy Efficiency skills

• Tips on Saving Energy in Your Business – using quick & easy steps to reduce energy usage
• Monitoring your Energy Bills in Your Business – how to interpret your Energy Business Bills
• Measuring Energy Usage in Your Business – how to measure and
• Energy Efficiency Accreditation – low & no-cost initiatives to lower energy costs & accreditation
• Energy Usage in your Supply Chains – Upstream & Downstream – opportunities to improve
• Air conditioning in your Business – reduce the costs of running your air-conditioner
• Lighting in your Business – work out the costs of return on lighting replacement
• Office Equipment – reduce your office e-waste and energy costs

TCF Australia ONLINE Energy Efficiency Project is able to offer an extensive range of FREE specialist energy efficiency services to small businesses in the fashion, textile, clothing, footwear, leather (TCF) creative, and associated industries across Australia.

In addition participants can access specialist topics on Fashion Sustainability, Ethical Fashion, Textile Certification & Accreditation.

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