Top Tips: 21st Century Brand Building: Utility & Meaning


In today’s connected world it is paramount that every retailer builds a brand that connects with people at a deeper level.

In this presentation, Jim Antonopoulos, Executive Creative Director TANK Branding explores how brands are interacting with consumers and build communities and loyalty through utility and meaning.

As TANK’s Executive Creative Director, Jim has a long history for understanding how we interact with brands, culture and technology.

With a passion for innovation, strategy and creativity, he comes with 22 years of experience with dot-coms, agencies and start-ups. Jim has had the privilege to work with some of Australia’s pioneering organisations, leading brands and individuals across a range of disciplines from brand and digital strategy to solving problems with ideas that have innovated business.

He spoke on the topic at the Fashion Exposed Business Seminar series today. Here are his top tips;

The future is not about technology; it’s about people and what happens in our lives.
Technology changes – people don’t.
The most remarkable brands offer utility and meaning. – something useful and something meaningful.
Case studies: Google Weddings, Thebar.com, Puma packaging, Muji apps, Nike Running.
People don’t care about your brand all the time, they care about it sometimes. Your main competitors are the attention they pay to the ever-growing selection of media and devices.
To connect with people – get out of the building.
Understand what influences people. Understand what inspires them. Understand culture.

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