General Pants Lauren Jones’ Top Tips on fashion buying

‘A fashion buyer is responsible for selecting/developing a range of products, aimed at a specific market, that addresses consumer needs to drive profitable sales and growth.’

Lauren JonesLauren Jones, Womenswear buyer, General Pants Group, discussed the 5 rights of buying as the content framework for her presentation at the Fashion Exposed Business Seminar series today.

How to understand your cutsomer; how to buy and plan your range; and why it’s important to consider the demographic and location when buying.

She explored how to build a range and buy the right product for your customer, resulting in sales growth and gained market share.

Here are her top tips;

  • Right product : Understanding what your customer wants from your store
  • Right price : How much are they willing to pay/ pricing architecture
  • Right quantity : What volume/ how many to buy/ range planning
  • Right place :Tailoring to your demographic/ Specialising to your location
  • Right time : Timing of deliveries and phasing of stock/ product relevance

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