Belle Flaneur share their Valentine’s Day VM

In a recent interview, we spoke with Natalie Coulter of Belle Flaneur about turning trash into retail treasure. Her team are pioneers of sustainable retail styling, demonstrating that what’s considered waste is actually a valuable resource and can be used to create something uniquely beautiful.

Natalie sent us a snapshot with a short summary of a recent VM project she did to celebrate Valentine’s Day at Robby Ingham.

How did you decorate your store for Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments below.

“For Valentine’s day at Robby Ingham stores I developed a red heart thread to travel from the windows throughout the store and online. We created this immersive experience for the customer by way of installing a gallery in the store.

For this Galleria-themed Valentine’s installation, of course we sourced materials for the rollout Reverse Garbage (easels, wooden frames, canvas’s  and paints) and layered large easels with canvas’s and heart art work in the window and throughout the store. We draped and hung Stella McCartney bags and Alexander McQueen scarves on the canvas’s alongside mannequins dressed in Givenchy, Paul Smith, Phillip Lim and Alexander Wang.  All graphics and art work are originals for this promotion. All themed materials have been placed in the jewellery cases and above racking.  I commissioned artist Madeleine to paint the hearts and Buffalo Studio to create my graphics.

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As part of the concept and to further extend the Valentine’s Day love, we opened a pop-up flower stand at the front of the store for the day and gave away bunches of flowers. We collaborated with the TAFE florist department who’s students bunched and wrapped an assortment of pretty petals as giveaways to Robby Ingham customers. This demonstrates a unique way to connect with your valued customers on special events and themed calendar days, and further extends the immersive shopping experience for the customer.

We’ve turned trash into treasure and created an immersive, celebratory retail experience incorporating project learning for students and showcasing artist’s work. In addition we created some fashion flat lays incorporating the heart art work, graphics and frames and posted the pics on RI instagram. So the same theme is repeated throughout all mediums for the retailer.

As always with Belle Flaneur, we combine the best designer clothes with reuse!

See more of their Robby Ingham pop-up store on their website;

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