What’s trending – 5 mins with STYLEDby


In our new techno age, trends come and go at the click of a mouse.

So are they still relevant? and how much should they influence our buying decisions?

Working in the industry for over 10 years, Stefnee Stonnell is a fashionable force to be reckoned with. Her extensive experience in digital media, marketing and fashion forecasting has led to her current role as Editor and Creative Director of online fashion destination, STYLEDby.

Stefnee will draw on this wealth of knowledge when she takes to the stage as our resident trend forecaster at the upcoming Melbourne Fashion Exposed Business Seminar Series.

We took five with the stylesetter to discuss the impact of the internet on trend forecasting; their relevance; and what’s in store for clothing and colour next season.

Thanks to the internet, trends have become global, do you think they’re still just as relevant as they were 10 years ago? Why?

Trends will always be relevant, but I think the internet and social media have definitely allowed them to filter around the globe quicker. We’re now able to stream Fashion Week shows in real time, see the front row snaps on Instagram in real time and read reports on trends minutes after they’ve debuted on the runway, so we’re definitely interpreting the trends in our own way a lot quicker.

I think Australian designers are now among some of the top trend setters in the world of fashion, rather then seeming to be a few seasons behind.

 It now seems like there are more trends than ever each season, it’s almost as if anything goes. Do you agree? Or are there still definite, set trends that come through.

In my opinion there are always key solid trends each season and lots of fast fashion and fads, which are an interpretation of those key trends. Fashion is not as fast as everyone thinks. From season to season you will always find those key trends, always influencing and always evolving.

 How do you think retailers can use trends to their advantage in store and online?

Fashion and style is highly personal and subjective, one mans trash is another mans treasure. However if you understand trends and know certain elements of design to look for, it’s a great advantage when stocking your store.

What are some of the major trends we should look out for this Autumn Winter?

Men’s tailoring for women, wide legged pants, touches of lace.


NYFW is around the corner, what are the some of the colours you think will be popular on the runway?

Based on couture Fashion Week there was a lot of Navy and red. But also I think we will see designers taking a modern approach to the traditional soft pastels we tend to see in spring, marrying them with brighter and fresher tones of the same colour. For example a placid blue with a dazzling blue for a refreshed approach.

What are your top 5 fashion trends for 2014?

Leather… It ain’t going anywhere folks! Stripes, clean lines, tailored silhouettes, digital graphic prints and patterns and accessorising with fine jewellery.

What are your top 5 colour trends?

Radiant Orchid is the Pantone colour of the year – so warm tones of purple/grape/violet. Navy blue as well as a softer placid blue, grey and also white is still having a moment.

You will be speaking at Fashion Exposed Melbourne, what can visitors expect from your presentation?

We’ll look at key trends for 2015 based on what’s happening overseas and how they’re translated locally. But I have a really fun approach to fashion so I hope that they walk away feeling inspired and excited about the coming seasons.

Stefnee StonellBOOK NOW to see Stefnee present `Exposing the 2015 trends’ at Fashion Exposed, Melbourne

Thanks to social media and the internet, today’s world consists of fast fashion and flash trends, which means time to market a critical factor.
In this seminar, Stefnee will explore, identify and communicate key trends to provide an overall forecast that is simple to understand and apply to the retail cycle.

For more information and booking details, visit fashionexposed.com


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