Designed and made exclusively in Spain, Amarillolimon to be launched in Australia

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Amarillolimon, a new and exciting contemporary Spanish fashion label, designed and made exclusively in Spain, is being launched right here at the Melbourne Fashion Exposed Exhibition in February 2014.

Amarillolimon was founded in 2002 in Alicante, on the Costa Blanca in the south-east of Spain.

Their first collection was based primarily on t-shirts with a pop-style graphic print theme. This small collection was very well received and laid the foundation for subsequent Amarillolimon collections which are based on the same distinctive, graphically designed style.

The initial t-shirt concept evolved to include other garments such as skirts, trousers, dresses, blazers etc., transforming Amarillolimon into a fashion brand renowned for their vibrant, bold and colourful designs. Additionally, Amarillolimon have incorporated belts and bags into each of their collections as ideal fashion accessories.

The Amarillolimon hallmark is colour. This is reflected in their collections through the creation of their own fabrics, thereby allowing them to offer exclusive and original garments for every occasion. Of equal importance is the graphic design, which is always present in the Amarillolimon prints, and is central to their philosophy.

Each textile technique applied, be it embroidery, print, tricot, jacquard etc., is carried out by means of a comprehensive design and development process where every detail is examined meticulously in order to create unique, high quality garments.

For this reason, Amarillolimon are considered demanding of the highest standards. They recognise that the fashion-conscious public are becoming continually more selective and demanding of constant innovation.

All garments produced by Amarillolimon are comfortable, fresh and fashionable – the designs being inspired by the modern, independent and cosmopolitan woman who enjoys creativity and likes to be different. “Creando un mundo màs bonito” … Creating a more beautiful world.

For the season of summer 2014, Amarillolimon has travelled to the world of the native South American tribes with the collection “Tribal Paradise”. The luxurious prints and sheer fabrics explore the flora and fauna of the wild forests, the shimmering lakes and sparkling rivers, fusing tradition with avant-garde through ethnic motifs and geometric contours.

The exotic animals and multi-coloured flowers, the undisputed stars of the summer, combine with feathers and fringe to bring harmony between nature and elegance. The vibrancy of the coral shades, green hues and earthy tones co-exist with ease against the snowy whites and shadowy blacks. “Tribal Paradise” takes us through a wild and undeveloped landscape; perfectly attired for the hot days and balmy nights of summer 2014.

Visit stand 1826 for Amarillolimon‘s bold, vibrant and youthful range at Fashion Exposed, 22-24 February, 2014, Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

For more information or to register, visit

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