The key global retail trends you need to know now

Retail is changing at such a rapid pace, but it’s important to keep ahead of the trends or you’ll risk playing catch up with the new savvy consumer.

In this short video, Brian Walker, CEO and Founder of Retail Doctor Group discusses the key differentiators in global retail including two key ‘business fitness’ factors that prevail overall;

1. Speed to market and
2. Impact of delivery

Retailers are focusing on brand; high impact delivery; distribution models; the changing retail footprint into omnichannel while always being impactful in the physical store environment; and building the offer into a far more uniquely differentiated offer as retailers compete in an increasingly competitive market.


BOOK NOW to see Brian of Retail Doctor & Katharina of RDG Insights present ‘Bringing retail insights to life in store’ at Fashion Exposed, Melbourne

In this engaging and informative session, Brian Walker and Katharina will take you through how to use consumer insights to ultimately drive increased sales in your retail business.

  • Understanding your customers at a deeper level
  • Translating insights into a targeted brand strategy
  • Implementing solutions to make your business ‘fitter’
  • Operational ‘fitness’ tips that will build retail sales

For more information or to register, visit

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