5 ways retailers can digitally grow their business in 2014


For retailers, the prospect of being able to connect, speak and influence every customer in the world at one time is mouth watering.

The world is now digitally integrated and tomorrow’s retail environment demands your business does the same.

The more we as consumers integrate digital hardware like smart phones, internet TV and new technology such as Google glass into our daily lives, the more our expectations will continue to rise.

Retailers must not only plan for this but must start implementing the right social media and digital infrastructure to get ahead.

This is not something to be afraid of.

In fact, if you have loyal customers in your business today, chances are that there will be thousands more just like them wanting to connect with you online.

Social media is a very simple concept; it’s word of mouth marketing.  If people like you, your products and your business, they tell people.  If they don’t like you, they tell people.

If your business understands this, the opportunity to grow your customer base, sales and loyalty levels can increase significantly.  It can literally transform your business.

For those who are scared of customers talking about their business publicly, well, there is a bigger problem with your business than social media.

Looking at 2014, retailers can use these tips to start to evolve your social media and digital presence:

  1. Connect and speak to your customers at least once a day via social media platforms.
  2. Find a way to reward your social network contributors and loyal fans.
  3. Create a better offline experience for your customers using digital platforms.
  4. Set a digital/social media marketing budget.
  5. Become more important than a simple product to customers.

Some of these tips may be confusing to you. If they are, please feel free to bring all your questions to Fashion Exposed in February and have them answered live on stage.

What can seem like a daunting prospect at first might be the most liberating opportunity for your business tomorrow.

I look forward to seeing you at Fashion Exposed.

Good luck for the year ahead 2014.

speaker_tim-krotirisBook Now to see Tim Krotiris present `How social media is evolving retail’

Tim Krotiris is Director of leading social media agency Social Media Servants. The business runs the complete social media strategy and implementation for over 50 fashion brands in Australia.

They have been featured in Ragtrader and work closely with the TFIA and LMFF (L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival).

Overview of seminar

Social media is here to stay! Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In… there are so many social networking sales opportunities at your finger tips!

But how do you tap into them? And how do you keep up with the ever-evolving changes in world of fashion retail?

For more information and booking details, visit fashionexposed.com

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