Clothing is the home of the body

Ionanna 1

The way clothes envelope the unique energy flow of every human body is Ioanna Kourbela’s main source of inspiration along with the elements in nature, the hectic pace of life and cultural diversity of Athens, Greece.

Her collections reveal the different aspects of a minimalist aesthetic embracing the simplicity and charm of classical harmony.

Natural organic fabrics such as cotton, linen, wool and silk are combined and contrasted in a variety of flowing materials, intricate knitting patterns and embossed fibers that elegantly embrace the body. The ingenious patterns generate intelligent casual collections while the experimental details and alternate textures often create an intriguing effect without sacrificing functionality.

Hand draped dresses pay attention to form while fine gauge yarns with silk and wool blend lace-like mercerized cotton, with delicacy as a signpost of technique and quality of construction. A variety of jersey weights follow the body’s curvature closely, eminently luxurious knits versatile enough to work anywhere and everywhere pair with collarless jackets and sculpted peg trousers.

The diversity of design allows for countless combinations and stylistic options that alternate according to the mood of the moment while the intensity and richness of colors is revived every 6 months with 5 new shades differing from typical trends.

The Greek designer Ioanna Kourbela grew up in an inspiring environment, an ingenious laboratory where she could learn and develop the craft of design. She exploited her creative spirit and long-held passion for clothing design by studying fashion, costume design and `scenography’.

In 2003, following the completion of her studies, Ioanna was appointed to oversee the Creative Department of the Kourbelas Knitwear company and presented her first “Ioanna Kourbela “collection. Two years later the formation of K3 Wearable Thinking Company and three new Exclusive Ioanna Kourbela Stores in Plaka introduce to the public her valuable aesthetic philosophy, her explosive potential and put her strong, singular vision on display.

Ionanna 2

In 2009 alternative and commercially successful creations are re-launched forming Basic lines. On February 2011 the first menswear collection introduces a new chapter in the company’s life and triggers the opening of the first Exclusive Male Shop in Plaka. A couple of months later Ioanna Kourbela delivers on her reputation sending out the strong focused White collection featuring bridal creations.

The unusual artistry of designs and magnificent theatrical style of Ioanna Kourbela’s garments connected her designs with the film production industry, making costumes for theatrical performances and concert tours. The same love for creation reaches for new horizons, continuing the vision that began 41 years ago.

Today, Ionanna Kourbela is recognised as a high-end label focusing on unique knitwear, from free-flowing garments to more tailored styling. To demonstrate diversity, the label has recently introduced more accessories including shoes, bags, resort wear as well as a menswear line. Ionanna also hopes to release her very own ‘White Bridal’ collection in the near future.

To see her SS14 Collection, emphasising silk, cotton mixes and famous Greek linen, visit Fashion Exposed from 22-24 February 2014 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

For more information, or to register, visit

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