Hit the refresh button on your e-Comm in 2014

shoe-photography-studio-example2-1If you thought e-Commerce was big in 2013, then just see what 2014 has in store for online shopping.

Your consumer is more tech savvy than ever, so now’s the time to really step up your website or fall behind.

Kick start the process with world class photography that will capture your consumer’s attention.

Ortery Technologies Inc. has demonstrated photography automation, innovation and leadership for the past 11 years. The Taiwanese-based business conducts their own engineering, manufacturing and design operations as well as operating a sales and marketing subsidiary located in California.

Through continuous effort in product design and software development, Ortery has risen to become the industry leader in automated still, 360 and 3D product imaging solutions.

clothing-photography-example-54Several Ortery products have the ability to create product shots, 360-degree or 3D product views on pure white backgrounds, perfect for your e-Commerce platform. The unique lighting technology inside of our studios makes this possible. When product shots are captured with a pure white background, significant savings accumulate with each picture taken over time.

Ortery’s patented photography automation solutions are used globally for multiple business applications including eCommerce/web, daily business communication, design/development, quality control imaging and more. Current customers include thousands of large, medium and small size businesses, with Ortery establishing distribution in over 100 countries worldwide.

Visit Ortery at Fashion Exposed from 22-24 February, 2014, Melbourne Exhibition Centre to experience how to take a quality still, 360 & 3D photos in a short time; and understand how their photography solutions can help to improve your businesses photography consistency.

For more information or to register, visit

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