Have a burning question about social media? Ask Tim Krotiris anything.

smsDespite the overload of information out there, social media is a complicated and sometimes scary world to those who don’t understand it.

While you’re the expert on your brand, building an online presence is an entirely different process.

Social Media Servants help businesses get the most from their social media everyday, which is why we asked them to return to the Fashion Exposed Business Seminar line-up next month.

In this short video, SMS Director Tim Krotiris answers a few questions that have been sent into his company recently, from how to make money through social media, to the importance of content.

Each week social media servants answers any questions sent into the company. If you wish have a question, idea or thought feel free to ASK ANYTHING.

Visit their website for more information, socialmediaservants.com.au

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Book Now to see Tim Krotiris present `HOW SOCIAL MEDIA IS EVOLVING RETAIL’ at the Fashion Exposed Business Seminar

Overview of seminarTim Krotiris

Social media is here to stay! Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In… there are so many social networking sales opportunities at your finger tips! But how do you tap into them? And how do you keep up with the ever-evolving changes in world of fashion retail?

Topics covered

  • Developing a social media strategy to generate sales
  • Understanding the role each social media platform plays and practical tips on how to use them: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn


You will understand the strategy, opportunities and implementation tips your business needs to focus on in order to generate sales through social media.

For more information, visit fashionexposed.com

3 thoughts on “Have a burning question about social media? Ask Tim Krotiris anything.

  1. Reblogged this on The Servant and commented:
    Fashion Exposed gave us a shout out on their blog this week!

    We’re getting excited to speak at their event next month, but if you have a question before then, send them through to be answered in our next Ask Anything video going up next week.

    Hope to see you at Fashion Exposed!

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