Enhance your life with accessories


It’s not often that a brand’s story will impact your life, but the tale behind the team at Enhance Accessories is truly inspiring.

The journey begins in 2003, when Tim Rushbrook and his wife returned from living in China. Initially they planned to return to south-west China to establish and run an orphanage.

“Enhance Accessories was just going to give us a little income while we finished our studies,” he said. “We never imagined it would take off so quickly.”

They launched Enhance Accessories with a few pieces of jewellery at the local craft markets in Brisbane.

Within about 12 months they were selling at trade shows, to agents and customers throughout Australia and New Zealand. In 2006 they continued their expansion and opened a head office in China, while they launched products in the UK and Irish markets. Their global reach now extends to thousands of retailers in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom.

Their growth journey continues but it’s their underlying benevolence that makes this story special.

“We have never lost sight of the reason we began, and support two organisations in China that look after and educate orphans – including International China Concern, and Sunshine Academy,” said Tim.

“We are also forging ever closer ties to Destiny Rescue here in Australia, an organisation that rescues women and girls out of the horrendous sex industry (where human trafficking is rife) in south-east Asia.”

Their small seed of an idea quickly grew into a large and beautiful tree that now provides fruit and shade for their family.

So beautiful.

View the Enhance Accessories range at Fashion Exposed from22-24 February, 2014 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

For more information or to register, visit


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