Fashion to give you a Fever

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How many times have you holidayed overseas and swapped your suitcase of clothes for the region’s native apparel?

There are practical reasons, such as the weather, but it’s also our way of enjoying a new lifestyle and celebrating the culture.

Fever London designers do this for a living. Matt Barker and David Bradbury travel the world for vintage inspiration which has now become the headline for the brand. Their collections epitomise what we love about London, classic yet quirky, vintage yet modern, created by an international team who travel around the world.

Fun huh!?

Fever London started in 1996 but the story began much earlier than that. The designer duo met at school, age 11, and always knew that they wanted to run a business together. Now they combine their love of travel with a passion for designing and creating clothes.

Matt travels around the world looking for inspiration for the collections. It might be a piece of lace trim found in a flea market or a neckline on a ‘50s blouse that becomes the starting point for the design work back in London.

These ideas are combined with influence from the scenes that he has seen on his travels; colours, patterns, striking images. The finished garment is a combination of vintage inspiration and global travel, creating a truly unique collection that feels nostalgic and modern at the same time.

So what’s the story behind the name?

“Honestly?! When they were first talking about the idea for the business, they were doodling logos and designed the letter F which they loved the look of,” said Warren, Australian agent for Fever London. “They then worked backwards to come up with a name beginning with F that could reference the vintage inspired origins.

“The brainstorming process went along the lines of 1950s… Elvis… Fever!”.

Fever London will showcase their `The Tourist, The Sun, The Sea’ Spring/summer 14 collection at Fashion Exposed 2014 featuring casual, work and evening wear for women aged 28 to 55, with flattering, tried and tested silhouettes, statement prints, fresh florals and bold colours.

“We chose to launch at Fashion Exposed in Melbourne as we are hoping to expand our stockist base across Victoria as well as show the range to existing customers in and around Melbourne,” said Warren.

“We are hoping that it’s a really busy trade fair and will attract a lot of new stores that will appreciate the amazing Fever brand. It’s also the largest fashion trade fair in Australia.

“It’s also a great opportunity to engage with new customers and to find out what they are looking for in a brand, to learn and grow more because of the experience.”

Warren said the new range takes you from work, to weekend lunches, to dinner parties and a range of special occasions across your busy social calendar, including the races.

“It is a collection that is elegant and timeless yet really modern,” said Warren. “The Fever range modernises classic shapes and silhouettes to deliver a  range for all occasions and body shapes.”

Don’t miss the Fever London collection at Fashion Exposed from 22-24 February at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

For more information or to register, visit

To discover more about Fever London, visit

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