Unique, timeless and inspirational

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Worn close to the skin and draped from the most delicate zones of the body, it seems only natural that jewellery should become an extension of ourselves.

Spiritually influenced jewellery design brand, Lauria Jewellery has done just that with their collections that bring love, strength, energy and protection to those who wear it.

Donna has been known as a medium since she was seven years old and the jewellery collection came together three years ago, when she decided to share her gift with others.

The result is an inspired collection of jewellery that is both unique and timeless. Every piece designed has been designed with meaning behind it so the wearer knows what it will bring to them.

Donna has paid homage to her work by designing the Archangel Michael Coin who reminds us ‘we can take the devil by the horn at any time and conquer our battles in life. All we have to do is believe in ourselves again and have faith’.

Read on to discover more about the Lauria Jewellery line coming to Fashion Exposed from 22-24 February at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

What’s the story behind the name?

LAURIA is my maiden name. It is an Italian name from the region of Potenza, Italy where my father Antonio Lauria was born. In November of 2012, I decided on a name for the company, I wanted to say thank you to my father for being the greatest support and inspiration in my life.

Unfortunately two weeks after my decision to name it Lauria Jewellery, my father passed away suddenly to diabetes, in which I am a proud sponsor of and raises money to help find the cure. It was the best decision I had ever made so the Lauria name could live on.

Where do you source your inspiration? Talk us through your design process.

I am inspired by many things. My journey in life for one. What I have experienced personally. The laughter, the sadness, the hope the faith that it has brought me. The amazing people I have been blessed with that have entered my life inspires me every day.

I love quality, high fashion jewellery. Always have since I was a child. I also loved to draw. I wanted to create a collection that was different but had meaning behind it. Jewellery that would inspire others and give to others. Kind of like paying it forward.

As for the design process it all starts with sketches and drawings. I’m old fashioned like that. Then it goes into technology as I’m grateful for. Mouldings are made and then the materials are put together. It is a long process but I enjoy it.

Talk us through your product line and the range you plan to launch at Fashion Exposed?

Lauria Jewellery is made of the highest quality .925 sterling silver and rhodium plating. The purist of quartz are used in many of the pieces such as onyx, tigers eye as well as the material resin with hints of cubic zirconia in some of the pieces.

I have created my own coin with the Archangel Michael which has been used in my collections also. There is room to personalise the jewellery for engraving, a lovely gesture for customers.

There are two collections being launched at Fashion Exposed. The Archangel Michael Coin Collection and The Free Spirit Collection.

Why did you choose to launch/exhibit at Fashion Exposed?

The reasons I chose to launch Lauria Jewellery at Fashion Exposed is for brand awareness and its unique concept behind the jewellery. For potential stockists to see and appreciate for themselves the quality, the designs and what makes Lauria Jewellery so different. Awareness of its concept and how it can definitely pull in a curious and inspired crowd.

Where do you see the brand in the future?

I hope to achieve great results of brand awareness. I hope Lauria Jewellery will be discovered and stocked in many stores around the country and internationally, as it has had such an amazing response online, with advertising and stores already stocking it.

Lauria Jewellery has been advertised in Marie Claire and In Style Magazine for both November and December 2013 issues. As well as Scoot magazine, an in flight magazine for Singapore Airlines throughout 12 countries across Asia and including Australia from December to May 2014.

In the Future Lauria Jewellery will continue to work advertise in Harper’s Bazaar, LOTL , Marie Claire, In Style and Scoot magazines.

I see the brand being embraced by society all over the world. I see Lauria Jewellery inspiring many and the quality and appreciation of it will also take lead.

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