Feel the beauty of Turkey everyday

private-image-copyBeing surrounded by the beautiful Aegean Coast of Asia Minor in a city called Izmir, it’s little wonder Narkonteks produces some of the most stylish, and comfortable, daily under garments and home wear around the world.

Among the Aegean shoreline of Turkey, people are known to live their life in peace, health and beauty.

Ender Narbay of Narkonteks adds; “It’s easy to feel this spiritual environment affecting all moments in life including the business and its sub levels including our designs. So the strong fact about our designs is that they are a result of this positive vibe flowing around.”

Through this inspiration, their products are born and the door is always open for new thoughts and ideas.

“The resources are in nature,” says Ender. “Whether it is cotton, silk, micro modal or others, all you need is science thru inspiration to meet the wants and needs of women, men and kids wanting comfort and fit to feel special and confident when they cover their soul and body.

“Our perfect combination of fibers that Mother Nature provided us together with the use of the best technology in assembling parts of underwear, coupled with a sincere service thru love we offer Blackspade to the world.

“Whether it is the microfiber in our panties, silk blends in our camisole or cashmere in our thermal, it is what your soul and body will be happy with.”

essential lace imageBlending both the history of the origin of the fabric and the science of producing products that feel as if they would melt in your hands and fit like no other, the BlackSpade brand was born and is a major producer, supplier and retailer in Europe.

“During the initial years of our corporation, we started long term projects for OEM with very well-known brands among Europe and the world,” said Ender.

“With our extensive experience, know-how and high tech production capabilities in manufacturing, logistics and marketing, we decided to present our own brand Blackspade to the local and global market in 2007, in order to share what we know the best, with all the members of the value chain.

“We know the Australian consumer will appreciate our history, fit and the fabric of our products and the BlackSpade brand as we do.”

They are now bringing that success to Australia with their debut launch at Fashion Exposed Melbourne next year.

“Australia with a high level of development both socially and economically, has always been a market of interest and it has been a top member of our targets list since the beginning. But presenting a new brand to this developed country during her initial years wouldn’t be easy for us to tell our story and convince the potential partners,” said Ender.

“We strongly believe that the time has come now and we had to choose the best and exact introduction channel, which was found as your show after some researches.

“The visitors, preferably importer/distributors, will be able to see a wide range of underwear, thermal wear, home wear and swimwear products; and surely they will enjoy this top quality from Turkey. The product range includes basic and also flash underwear for women , men and kids, as well as high-quality thermal underwear, beachwear and indoor clothing. Inside the collections of Blackspade, you will always find styles having sizes from XS to 5XL and various colour options and prints.

“Besides its continuous NOS “never out of stock” program; it offers partners two new collections of fashionable underwear and home wear for AW and SS.”

aile_01So how do they infuse the beauty of their surroundings into their collections?

“Our in-house design team follow the latest trends around the world from the exact sources and explicate them with real feedback from the field, from our distributors and independent retailers,” she said.

And just like their surroundings, the story behind the name is a magical one.

“Imagine you were born in the paradise, all is love, beauty and everything is real and true,” said Ender. “No need to mention everything is perfect. What would your soul wear as underwear or would you need any?

“Our thought; you would have it if you felt and needed it, and it would have to be perfect since it is the most intimate of all apparel you can wear.

“Adam and Eve used the black fig tree’s leaf when they needed it. The leaves which are the essence of silk grown in the same environment where the best cotton in the world is grown.

“Guess where this paradise is now? It is where Blackspade was born; Smyrna in the Asia Minor. Where the best black fig and cotton is raised and where Adam and Eve placed a Black Fig Leave to cover their souls. It is only an hour from Ephesus with an ancient biblical history and where Blackspade’s first underwear was born. Blackspade’s logo was also inspired by this leaf referring to its natural and comfortable products.”

Their simple and clear motto ‘Fits Perfect’ is supported visually by the imagery and reflects the company’s main goal, ‘to produce a truly first-class product with outstanding performance characteristics. Only such lingerie can provide unsurpassed comfort the whole family all day!’

“Blackspade’s a leading and well-known brand which is appreciated by all the members of value chain by its unique quality and service level. Perhaps the best lingerie in the world!” said Ender.

View the Blackspade range at Fashion Exposed from 22-24 February in the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

For more information or to register, visit

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