Outsourcing veteran’s top five tips for start-ups working with China

MB-at-GS-CSF-2012For well over a decade, Mike Bellamy has been based full-time in China running a purchasing office which serves as an advisor to both small and fortune 500 companies wishing to do business in China.

Mike has overseen the sourcing of over 200 production classifications, ranging from components for medical and automotive applications to finished products such as toys, textiles and hardware.

Before organising PassageMaker, Mike worked with The Brock Group, an international trade and investment consulting firm managed by President Reagan’s former US Trade Representative-US Senator Bill Brock in Washington DC.

He received his double degrees in Diplomacy and Economics at the American University in Washington DC and later went on to gain an International MBA from the University of South Carolina which included a year of full-time graduate level courses at the Harbin Institute of Technology in Manchuria and University of International Business and Economics in Beijing.

And with that incredible introduction, it’s with much excitement that we welcome Mike as a key speaker at the Australian International Sourcing Fair from 13-15 November at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

Mike will present `The ABC of Sourcing for large and medium sized buyers’, ‘Small buyer strategies to ensure success’, and `Finding the right supplier’, as well as facilitate a discussion panel on the Opportunities and Challenges in International Sourcing.

In a recent interview with Startupsmart.com.au, Mike says the questions and concerns about working with Chinese factories haven’t changed despite people increasingly looking to Chinese suppliers.

“Everyone wants to know how to research the market to get the best price, how to ensure the quality of the product and how to protect their intellectual property,” Bellamy says.

He shared his `five top tips for start ups working in China’ recently including advice on;

How to get the best price for your product
Put the human effort in to get the best relationship and results
Find the right supplier by asking the right questions
Register your intellectual property as soon as possible before scoping out suppliers
The critical times to investigate to ensure quality

To read the article, visit startupsmart.com.au

For more information and session times for the Australian International Sourcing Fair business seminars, visit sourcingfair.com.au

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