The top 5 consumer-driven trends in retail

Bazaarvoice_WP_Top5_Consumer-Driven_Trends_Retail-1If you thought you had the future of retail all figured out, think again.

It’s out of your hands now as consumers officially take control of the retail reins.

According to a new BazaarVoice report “The future is here: The top 5 consumer-driven trends in retail”, they’re shopping on their own terms using the devices they choose at the times they want from the locations they prefer. And just when you thought you were beginning to know them again.

But this isn’t something to dread, retailers now have the opportunity to harness that potential and incorporate today’s trends into a successful strategy.

E-commerce has been steadily growing for several years, and it’s expected to hit $327 billion by 2016, up from $202 billion in 2011. To keep up with demand, bricks and mortar retailers have been stepping up their online game, but the rise of social is shaking things up.
BazaarVoice states that to succeed, retailers need to leverage five trends that are currently transforming the retail landscape. Retailers that embrace these trends and incorporate them into their strategy can realise higher conversions and larger transaction sizes.
The top 5 consumer-driven trends in retail are;
1. Shopping is social
2. Millennials are setting the tone
3. Mobile is the medium
4. Omnichannel equals a seamless experience
5. Big data can uncover unprecedented insight
Learn about the sweeping changes transforming the retail industry and how you can leverage them for competitive advantage with this in-depth report.

Discover more about each of the trends by downloading the complimentary white paper at; bazaarvoice.com

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