Can Myer and David Jones get online retail right?

screen-shot-2013-10-23-at-11-50-19-amWith the wide-scale move from bricks-and-mortar retail into the online space, there has been varying degrees of success. And surprisingly, it’s not always the big players that get it right.

Despite having the money and resources, large scale retailers face bigger challenges than independents due to their sheer size, distribution of product, supply chain and keeping on top of inventory.

The Online Retail Logistics 2013 conference will be exploring the rapid growth of online retail, its impact on current infrastructure,and the need to restructure retail models in order to attain efficient supply chains.

The below article looks at these new developments in online purchasing and whether Myer and David Jones are on the right track in the online retail world.

After months of pressure Australia’s two biggest retailers, Myer and David Jones, are preparing their resources to integrate their traditional stores to a new online market. Myer has braced itself to offer up to 70, 000 products through its online store. David Jones also announced it will offer up to 90, 000 products. But competition from the latest breakthrough in purchasing through magazines on tablets may present itself as a major threat.

It was recently announced that Myer will be opening a dedicated distribution centre for its online purchases. The warehouse will be located in Melbourne and will house roughly 15, 000 of Myer’s most popular products. However, they are still working on ways to optimise their online and offline fulfilment.

The recent reshuffling in David Jones executive team has raised questions as to when the company will start to implement omnichannel strategies into their traditional bricks and mortar stores.

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