Putting Da You in footwear

1Finally a footwear company aimed at quality, comfortable shoes in line with global trends. The difference is, this company has been doing it since 1977.

Da You Footwear was founded by the Liao family in Taiwan, Changhua County. The founder of the company, John Liao, initially focused on manufacturing casual footwear, slippers and sandals. Back then, 85% of the products were exported to Japan whereas 15% were exported to Taiwan’s Local Market.

Over time, the company worked with Hello Kitty, Hang Ten, Route 66 and many more. Hello Kitty has appointed Da You as their shoe manufacturer in China and Taiwan since 2009.

Da You assis their clients in the design of their shoes by providing various samples that successfully turn their ideas into real products. In the 1990s, the average annual production capacity was 1.7 million pairs. Da You reached its highest production capacity of 2.8 million in 2002.

We took five with Da You to chat further on their design inspirations and exhibiting for the first time at theAustralian Shoe Fair next month.

Where do you source your inspiration? And how do they drive you and influence your design?

We source our inspiration through daily lives. Through observing people, places, markets and architecture, it has allowed us to integrate these aspects into ideal footwear. Our inspiration is also sourced from glamorous cities such as Germany, America and Japan.

Travelling, exploring and being immersed in other cultures has also given us new ideas and ways to create and develop our products.

2-3How do you transfer these inspirations into design? Talk us through your design process from drawing board to in-store/online?

We usually begin with a sketch and then provide a detailed brief to our design team members. The design team members spend a lot of time making our ideas graphic and pass it to the sample team. We keep repeating the process until we are satisfied with the final products.

You will exhibit the brand at Australian Shoe Fair in August, tell us what visitors can expect to see when visiting your stand.

We choose the Australian Shoe Fair because it is the most suitable platform to showcase our products and work to the visitors and potential clients. We would like to see what opportunities are there for us and we would also like to connect with different people.

By providing the most affordable price with the best quality footwear, we are hoping to gain new clients and develop a long term relationship with them. Visitors are expecting to see our newest designs and the most comfortable and beautiful footwear that we have been working so hard on.

3-3What’s in store for the future – where do you see the brand heading?

We are passionate about enriching people’s life with the best of our products and we believe that comfortable and beautiful shoes are everyone’s right.

Therefore, we hope to be able to fulfill this goal, develop a client base here in Australia (hopefully to the world later on) and continue to build strong relationships with our clients.


View the Da You Footwear range on stand 1538 during the Australian Shoe Fair from 25-27 August at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

For more information visit,

Register HERE.

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